Healthy Haircare Routine

It’s pretty fair to say, we see a lot of advice and recommendations for how to treat our hair all the time. From soaking it in rice water to cutting out all sulphates, we are all are starting to take more and more care of our natural hair. It can be easy to fall behind on healthy haircare habits but the stricter you are with it, the more amazing your results will become. At Brushworks we take great responsibility in keeping up with the latest trends in haircare, so here are some products to help you truly upgrade your routine and achieve those luscious locks you’ve been waiting for!

Healthy hair starts from the extra steps you take when washing it on a regular basis. For example, a great way to upgrade your wash routine is by using a Massaging Shampoo Brush. It not only helps you to gently exfoliate and massage your scalp, but this hair care tool also stimulates healthy hair growth while controlling dandruff and excess oil build-up. It stimulates healthy blood flow to the scalp and also helps you to deeply cleanse your hair better than ever before. There are many benefits that come with adding a massaging shampoo brush into your haircare routine.




TOP TIP: For more volumized hair, concentrate conditioner at the ends of the hair and not the scalp or full length. This will help to keep our hairs natural texture and avoid getting too greasy again quickly.

Once freshly washed, there’s no better way to dry your hair than with Luxury Hair Towels. Gentler than towel drying and kinder than using heat, these hair wraps reduce breakage and frizz bringing you another step closer to stronger and healthier hair.




TOP TIP: Occasionally apply warm oil or a hair mask to your hair and wrap in a hair towel to allow it to soak up all the goodness.

One of the most common ways of causing hair breakage is through tying your hair up with regular hairbands. I’m sure we have all been there, you’re trying to take your hair out of that painful ponytail it’s been in all day, and you can literally hear the ripping and tugging during the process. Hair can so easily get stuck around the hair band, causing significant damage! Our solution is Satin Scrunchies. They feel great in the hair, they provide less stress, less breakage, and less hair loss. They easily glide out if the hair when you are ready to un-do your up-do.




TOP TIP: Using a wide tooth comb to brush your hair once dry can also help to reduce damage and breakage.