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Soinvogue re-launched in 2021. Soinvogue is owned by Invogue Limited, a UK based beauty company with a sole focus on delivering excellent beauty products.

Invogue responds very quickly to changes in fashion and beauty trends, offering customers the latest products both online and instore through trusted retail partners.

Invogue brands are sold across the UK, Europe, Middle East and US. Working closely with manufacturers, international distributors, high street & online retailers Invogue continues to excel in the global beauty market.


Invogue are extremely pleased with the work they have achieved with their So Eco brand partner Tree Nation. To date So Eco have planted more than 150,000 trees offsetting more than 6000 tons of CO2. As sales of the So Eco brand continue to grow so does the positive impact on the environment.

Invogue aim to increase the size of the So Eco forest to over 500,000 trees planted by the end of 2022.

Another key focus for Invogue is the reduction of plastic throughout its entire supply chain. Last year Invogue changed the majority of its retail packaging across all brands from plastic to carton board and is continuing to invest in the development of biodegradable materials for both products and packaging.

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