Zinc Rolling – What it’s all about

As always, we are still obsessed with our skincare tools and routine! Is there anything better than having a pamper or self-care evening to help give yourself the ultimate glow?

Here’s why our newly launched Brushworks Zinc Roller is the perfect addition to add to your pamper eve or night time skincare routine!


With all facial rollers, there are many benefits, not only does it mimic a professional facial massage, but it also helps to leave your skin feeling firmer, brighter and generally more toned which in turn will improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Not only that, but the roller helps to release any muscle tension in the face – whether you’re working on a computer or starting at a phone screen we are all guilty of turning our faces or scrunching them up whilst concentrating or reading. Even staring down at our phones can cause neck pain, which is why the stainless-steel material of the tool is great for cooling and relaxing the muscles.


How to Use:

  1. Ensure all makeup is removed using either the Brushworks Makeup Remover Cloths or Pads.
  2. Cleanse the skin with your fave product to ensure that all makeup is fully removed
  3. Apply your daily serum and then use facial oil or moisturiser to ensure the skin is moist and nourished
  4. Using the roller perform outward and upward strokes with gentle pressure along the contours of your face (jawline, bottom of the cheekbone, brow bone and neck):
    1. For the jawline – use firm pressure moving upwards and outwards towards the ear
    2. for the neck – start rolling upwards and applying gentle pressure
    3. Starting at the bottom of the cheekbone, roll up towards your temple
    4. Using upwards and outwards motions on the brow bone – this should go up towards your hair line
  5. Do this for around 5-10 movements and repeat daily for around 5-10 minutes in the PM

How to look after your Zinc Roller:

Always clean your roller after every use, simply rinse with water and cleanser so it is fully cleaned. After cleaning leave out to air dry or alternatively dry off with a soft towel.

Top Tip: Store your roller in the fridge before use for the ultimate cooling effect!