Your Ultimate Hangover Skin Care Routine for the Morning After

We all know the aftermath of our drunk nights out, not just on our bodies but also our skin. The dryness and dullness, whilst not even mentioning the spots can cause havoc for our skin for weeks on end. Here at Brushworks we have the perfect solution for you, giving your skin the TLC, it needs. Here is our step by step process to rejuvenate your hungover skin:


Drunk you will always think that you have done a good job with cleaning off your makeup the night before. But we know that isn’t always the case! Start by removing any left-over makeup with your fave cleanser, this can be done with the Brushworks Facial Silicone Cleansing Pads. Alongside the cleanser, the pad will help to invigorate skin and effectively cleanse pores. Perfect for removing any left over, stubborn makeup.

Brushworks Facial Cleansers


The Brushworks Charcoal Konjac Sponge is extremely gentle on skin and also 100% biodegradable! The sponge acts as a gentle exfoliator, rubbing off any dead skin cells. Ideal for those with oily skin and blackheads (which can all be caused from alcohol)! Charcoal also contains activated carbon, which is a natural antioxidant. Not only will this provide a gentle but powerful exfoliation, your skin will have that instant glow and any uneven patches of redness and inflammation will be banished!

Brushworks Charcoal Konjac Sponge


Paired with your fave face mask, the Brushworks Silicone Face Mask Applicators work wonders when it comes to messy face masks! Our applicators help to reduce any contamination, which you may get when applying with your finger…which could result in more spots and inflammation. The large side of the brush is great for face and body application and the smaller one is ideal for hard to reach areas of the face.

Brushworks Face Mask Applicator


Hydrate and Massage

As we all know, alcohol can cause serious skin dehydration! Similar to the feeling when you wake up the morning after. Apply your daily moisturiser to help hydrate and restart the process of restoring moisture levels in the skin. After this, comes the last step which is a face massage! The key to reducing the post-alcohol puffiness, the Brushworks Jade Roller helps to boost circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Top tip: Use the smaller end of the roller to alleviate any under-eye puffiness or swelling!

Brushworks Jade Roller