Which Tweezers Are The Best And For What Type Of Hair Removal?

A good tweezer set (Brushworks, of course) starts with a combination of four different tweezer styles.

Slanted, straight, slanted point and pointed – all set out to do different jobs. Here are the reasons why these tweezers are essential for your makeup bag and how you should use them:

How many different types of tweezer do you own? Do you know what all the different styles are made for? Most people will probably be familiar with the eyebrow shaping type. However, there are many different shaped tweezers around for all different kinds of tasks. You wouldn’t use the same type of tweezer to remove a splinter as you would to sculpt your brows and get them looking on point!

Slanted Tweezer

The slant on the tweezers allows you to perfectly align the tip for precise plucking! Expertly crafted and hand finished using high quality stainless steel these tweezers are designed for performance and precision. Slanted tweezers are probably the ones that you use the most, these can be used for a number of tasks such as tweezing your brows or picking out any stray hairs (it happens to the best of us!).

Straight Tweezer

The basic traditional tweezer, ideal for larger hair growth areas. However, if you’re a false lash lover these are perfect for you too! No more picking off your lashes with your fingers! These tweezers help to separate lashes, allowing for more precise application. We can assure you that putting on your lashes will be seamless rather than frustrating. Straight tweezers can also be used for nail lovers who love playing around with nail art! Create any look you desire with the finer details included.

Pointed Tweezer

Brushworks pointed tweezers have finely tapered, precision points that are perfect for ingrown hairs and splinters. The long, pointed tips allow for easy accuracy and is a must for anyone prone to the odd ingrown hair. Also ideal for the harder to reach areas.

Slanted Point Tweezer

A multi-purpose all-rounder, the Slanted Point tweezer is equally just as ideal for shaping brows, general tweezing and precision work. Use the slanted side of the tweezer for general tweezing and shaping, whilst the pointed side is best for precise tweezing those fine, baby hairs.

Our Top Tips for Tweezers:

To ease tweezing, we would recommend taking a hot shower or bath and using a warm cloth/flannel to open up pores. Always, always tweeze in the direction of hair growth, this helps to avoid breakage. Once finished, ensure you close pores by using cold water.

If you don’t want any ‘blackhead like dots’ left behind, never tug on your brow hairs – always use a precise tip to lift and isolate the hair, grabbing it from the root. This then makes it a whole lot easier to pull using one smooth motion in the direction of hair growth.