What To Look For In a Manicure Set

Taking care of your nails at home can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, achieving salon-quality results requires the right tools, and a lot of patience. Whether you’re a beginner or a nail enthusiast, choosing the perfect manicure set is crucial to achieving flawless nails.

In this blog, we’ll discover what to look for when choosing the perfect manicure kit, and also share our top tips and tricks on how to use them.

What is in a manicure set?

A good manicure set typically includes a variety of tools designed to trim, shape, and care for your nails and cuticles. Sets range from compact travel kits to comprehensive 10-piece professional manicure sets. A reliable standard manicure kit should include all the basic tools necessary for effective nail care. Here is a look into what you can expect to find in a standard manicure kit:

  1. Nail Clippers: These are essential for trimming your nails down to your desired length.
  2. Nail File: Helps to shape and smooth the edges of your nails.
  3. Nail Scissors: Perfect for trimming down nails and cuticles.
  4. Cuticle Pusher: Pushing back the cuticle gives your nails a longer appearance, preparing them for polish.
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What type of manicure is healthiest for your nails?

The healthiest type of manicure is a natural nail manicure, also called a classic manicure, which involves cutting and filing your nails down to your desired shape and length. This is followed by a hand massage and application of regular nail polish. It avoids the use of acrylics, gels and excessive filing and buffing which can weaken the nails. By choosing a natural manicure you can prioritise the health of your real nails and encourage them to grow healthy and strong.

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How can I do my own manicure at home?


If you’re trying to save money or can’t get to the salon in time with your busy schedule, then there is never a bad time to learn how to do your own manicure at home. Not only is there a lot of satisfaction to doing your own nails but it can also have therapeutic benefits. Let’s dive in on how to achieve the perfect manicure at home with your manicure set:


Step 1: Clean your nails

Begin by preparing your nails with a good nail polish remover to remove any leftover polish, oils and dirt. This will ensure a smooth and clean canvas that is ready for your manicure.

Step 2: Clip and file your nails

Clip your nails using high quality, stainless steel nail clippers from your manicure kit, making sure not to cut them too short. Then begin to file your nails to your desired shape. Keep the file moving in one direction and file the nails gently to avoid splintering. Finally, buff the tops and sides of your nails lightly with a nail buffer to get rid of any ridges and create a smooth surface.

Step 3: Push back cuticles 

Prep your cuticles by applying a small amount of cuticle remover solution to your cuticles and leave it to sit for a minute or so. Then gently start to push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher  from your manicure set, making sure to clean underneath your nail to get rid of any dead skin and bacteria. Finish by wiping away any residue.

Step 4: Moisturise your hands and cuticles

Take this time to add moisture back into your hands and cuticles by giving yourself a mini hand massage. Make sure to wipe over each nail with polish remover to get rid of any residue that could interfere with the polish.

Step 5: Apply a base coat

Apply an even layer of base coat to your nails to create a smooth surface for your nail polish to adhere to. A base coat also protects your real nails from staining and increases the longevity of your polish – meaning less likely for chipping to happen.

Step 6: Apply your colour

Now, let’s begin the application process: Start by applying a coat of your chosen colour, ensuring you cover all the nooks and crannies of your nails. The key is to load the brush with a sufficient amount of polish and apply it in three strokes—one down the centre and one on each side. Allow the polish to dry for about two minutes, then apply a second coat. Sheerer colours may need a third coat.

Step 7: Finish with a top coat

A top coat protects your manicure from chipping and adds a lovely shine to them—don’t skip it! If you skip applying a top coat, you could shorten the lifespan of something you worked so hard on. Apply an even layer of top coat, allow it to dry completely, and enjoy your long-lasting, beautiful manicure.

Benefits of at-home manicures with your manicure set

Doing your own nails at home comes with several benefits. Let’s discuss them:


  1. Cost-Effective: Regular nail shop visits can add up very quickly. Investing in a good quality manicure kit allows you to achieve professional results at a fraction of the price.
  2. Convenience: If you’re someone who has a busy schedule then finding the time to visit a salon can be challenging. Having a manicure set means you can do your nails at home whenever it’s convenient for you.
  3. Personalised Care: Doing your own manicure allows you to customise the care and treatments based on your specific needs. After all, you know your nails better than anyone and this gives you the opportunity to do your nails exactly how you like.
  4. Time Management: Visiting a salon can have you waiting around for a significant amount of time, especially if you are getting a detailed design. With at-home manicures, you can take as long or as little as you like without the hassle of waiting for your turn.
  5. Relaxation & Self-Care: Many people find the process of doing their nails to be relaxing and therapeutic. It’s a great way to unwind, give yourself a pamper and practise self-care.
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Nail care at Invogue

Choosing the right manicure set is essential for achieving flawless, salon-quality nails at home. Whether you’re looking for a basic set for regular maintenance or a comprehensive manicure kit that includes polishes and advanced tools, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs. 

At Invogue, we have a selection of manicure kits to choose from to kickstart your journey of doing your at-home manicures. Shop our range of nail tools and manicure sets today.