What False Lash Best Suits Your Eye Shape?

Choosing the perfect lash can be difficult, luckily the girls at Eye Candy have been hard at work putting together the ultimate eye lash guide for our falsie lovers! Understanding your eye shape will help you achieve the best possible make-up to suit your face. But, how do you know what eye shape you have?

1 – Check whether the whole iris is visible or obscured by the lid

2 – Consider if your eyes slant upwards at the sides and the amount of space which rests between them in the middle

3 – Lastly, observe the crease of your eyelid and check if its visible with the eyelids open.

Now you recognise your eye shape, lets get talking false lashes!

Close Set Eyes

Eyes which are narrower than one eyes width are considered to be ‘close set’, meaning your eyes measure at less than one eyeball width apart. For this eye shape, we recommend a lash which flares outwards leaving the inner corners bare, pulling focus to the outer corners of the eyes.

Eye Candy recommends: 008 Maximise

Almond Eyes

Girls with an almond eye shape are blessed with an array of lash options, this shape is incredibly versatile when it comes to falsies. Eyes which are slightly pointed at the ends with a wider centre pair perfectly with a high-volume lash, this style helps reach that extra bit of drama you were looking for, drawing attention straight to your eyes.

Eye Candy Recommends: 015 Maximise

Hooded Eyes

If you struggle to see your eyelid when looking into the mirror, this means you’ve got hooded eyes. Using the wrong lashes can pull the eyes down, making them appear small. Try applying a wispy mix with long lashes above the pupil in order to open up the central point of the eye.

Eye Candy recommends: 103 Naturalise

Round Eyes

Round eyes, dissimilarly to our hooded babes, applies if the majority of your iris is visible. A light and curly lash is your friend, this style gives the illusion of a more lifted top lid. Remember to give heavy lashes a miss – no one wants smaller, flatter eyes!

Eye Candy recommends: 105 Volumise

Deep Set Eyes

Deep set eyes give the illusion of a very prominent brow bone, this is due to the eyes being positioned further into the face. Emphasising your eyes can be achieved by choosing a longer lash which curls up and out of the way from your brow bone.

Eye Candy recommends: 211 Dramatise

Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes are deeply receded into the face and best paired with a dramatic, feathery lash to ensure your eyes are the talking point of any occasion.

Eye Candy recommends: 210 Dramatise

Mono lid Eyes

Mono-lidded eyes don’t have a crease on the eyelid, with this eye shape flaunting heavier styles such as fluttery and multi-layered lashes can help dramatically open up the eye.

Eye Candy recommends: 004 Maximise

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