Tik Tok Made Me Buy It!

Sometimes it hard to stop scrolling through the never-ending loop of tips and trends on TikTok, but we have found the ones that are ‘scroll stoppingly’ good! Here are our top picks that TikTok has made us try and buy.

Starting off with the Triangular Powder Puffs.

Seen all over ‘beauty tok’ these little tools help to create the most flawlessly set makeup. This pack from Brushworks feature a large and small puff. The smaller sponge is perfect for setting under eyes to create that airbrushed finish, whilst the larger puff smoothly and evenly distributes powder, leaving you with a flawless, ‘non-cakey’ effect. These puffs can also be used to prevent fingerprint transfer and removing makeup when completing your eye makeup. Best used with loose powder, these triangular puffs are perfect for their easy use, pointed tips, long-lasting and airbrushed results.

Next up… A Satin Hair Turban

Seen all over Tik Tok, these hair turbans are perfect if you’re looking to promote long healthy hair.

Wake up to beautifully smooth and frizz-free hair with the Brushworks Satin Hair Turban! Excellent for curly hair, this luxury satin hair accessory features a stylish bow design and an elasticated band to keep the turban in place while you sleep. Also suitable for locking in moisture with hair masks or oil.

Last but not least, the heatless curling trend!

Get your hair ready for the day ahead before your head even hits the pillow with Brushworks Heatless Blow-Dry Scrunchie. Cut down styling time and allow for extra beauty sleep, by not having to restyle or re-curl your hair in the morning. This super soft satin scrunchie will reduce frizz, lock in moisture and is designed to prolong and enhance your hair. By simply wrapping the hair around the soft curling rod and securing with the scrunchie, you can comfortably go to sleep and wake up with soft curls effortlessly. Perfect for all hair types that are 2-3 inches below shoulder length. Say goodbye to bedhead and enjoy your blow-dry style with this super cute hair accessory you never knew you needed!