The Ultimate Guide To Nail Care During Lockdown

We all love that fresh-out-the-salon manicure feeling, but as we can’t currently get it, there’s no reason why you can’t from your own home! Simply arm yourself with the right nail tools, nail treatments and hand lotions – and you can enjoy the ultimate manicure session in the safety of your own home!


Getting Your Nails in Tip Top Condition 
We all know the pain of your nails growing past a certain length, then splitting or breaking – but there are some ways you can prevent this. A strengthening treatment like our Nail HQ one is loaded with vitamins such as Keratin and Coconut Oil – which work to support the nail bed. Adding in some Nail HQ Cuticle Oil will also help to protect against any damage.
Pushing Back Cuticles 
Everytime you give yourself a manicure from home, you should always take the time to push back your cuticles – this will help to keep them neat and can also make nails look longer!
To push them back, use a Brushworks Crystal Cuticle Stick and gently push the cuticles back to the base of the nail and then use the Brushworks Cuticle Nipper to get rid of any excess bits of skin around the nail bed.
Filing Your Nails 
Before you get going on filing your nails, ensure that all nail polish is removed, hands are clean and you have a good quality nail file to hand – such as this 6 way nail buffer!
Make sure hands and nails are both dry – as they can be prone to damage when wet. File from the outside of the nail towards the centre, and file in one direction.
Prepping Nails for Polish
Once nails are filed and buffed and you’ve chosen your colour it’s now time to get them prepped for polish! Start with Nail HQ Base Coat – which helps to prevent any stains and includes additional ingredients to protect and strengthen the nail! Apply with a thin layer and leave to try before applying your chosen colour.
Finishing Off For That Salon Look
Once your second coat of colour is fully dry, finish off with the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat – adding a high, gel like shine, whilst also preventing the colour from chipping. And there you go… salon perfect nails from your home!
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