The Brushworks Brow Effect!

Now we all know that ‘eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins’ but that doesn’t mean they can’t be! Eyebrows could be considered one of the main features on everybody’s faces, so Brushworks is here to make sure you can really make them count. From tweezing to carving, blending to brushing, everything you need to achieve eyebrow goals is all featured in this HD Luxury Brow Set. Carry on reading to find out exactly how you can master your dream brow.

Prep matters

You wouldn’t colour in a picture without drawing the outline first, would you? No of course not! That’s the same for the eyebrows too. You want to start off by getting rid of any excess hairs around the eyebrows. The stray hairs can really make a difference to the sharpness of the brow. Using both the angled and pointed tweezers, pluck away any unwanted hairs. You can use a white eyeliner to draw an outline of your desired brow shape and then pluck away any hairs on the line, above or below it. Make sure not to get too carried away though as over-plucking can result in thin, misshaped brows.

Time to fill

When filling in the brows with powder or pomade, the main aim should be to try and make it look as much like real brow hairs as possible. To do this, you want to be as light with the angled brush as possible. Apply the product in small fine lines following the direction of your natural hairs. Focus mainly on the strokes at the end and arched part of the brow, working lighter at the front to avoid that dreaded ‘blocked brow’ look.

Carve out your masterpiece

This next easy step upgrades your brows in seconds. By using concealer and the flat brush, you can underline, outline, and carve your brows. This simple trick helps to totally define your brow shape and cover up any missed stray eyebrow hairs. Trust us, this is a game changer!

Brushworks makeup brushes are enjoyed by trusted makeup masters so we can assure you that if you want to follow these tips and tricks, brushworks will deliver amazing results.