Soinvogue Staff Share Their Go To Beauty Products


Discover the secrets of the staff at Soinvogue as we reveal our favourite beauty products. This blog provides a glimpse into some of our highly recommended products, offering insights into what makes them our favourites and why we can’t get enough of them. So, what better place to start when purchasing something new?

Each member of the team has tried and tested these products and want to share with you exactly why we love them. Join us as we lift the veil on our team’s cherished beauty secrets, sharing the products that have become integral to our daily routines and hold a special place in our hearts.


Brushworks Wrist Wash Bands

The Brushworks Wrist Wash Bands are made from high-quality microfibre that is designed to absorb water and prevent it from dripping down your arms. The bands ensure a comfortable, snug fit, so you can move around freely with no stress.

“I do not know how I did my skincare routine before these, no more soggy pj sleeves!” says Elle, PR & Social Media Manager. “If you hate water dripping down your arms then this product is a game changer.”

“The most useful beauty accessory” says Victoria, Marketing Assistant. These are one of our best selling products, loved by you and the staff at Sonivogue.

wash bands

Brushworks Smoothing Curl Comb

This comb boasts a unique combination of wide and angled teeth, strategically placed to glide through your hair smoothly, while effectively detangling and separating each curl. The wide teeth gently remove knots and tangles, preventing breakage and minimising frizz. 

“This is the perfect comb” says Sara, Administration and Compliance Manager. “It separates my curls and keeps them intact all day.” This brush is perfect for brushing through those curls without losing their bounce and volume.

Brushworks Smoothing Curl Comb MS ()

Brushworks Back Combing Brush

Not only does the Brushworks Back Comb Brush deliver exceptional performance, but it also prioritises the health of your hair. The nylon bristles are gentle enough to prevent pulling and snagging, making it suitable for all hair types, including fine, delicate, and thick hair.

“Top Tip, I actually use this brush to create the perfect sleek pony!” says Ella, PR and Social Media Assistant. “This is my go to brush for that clean girl aesthetic”.

Brushworks Back Comb Brush MS

Brushworks Favourites

Brushworks Dry Shampoo is one to look out for. Stacey, Office Administrator says “My favourite product is the dry shampoo, it’s really lightweight in my hair and smells lovely. Our creative designer Hannah loves the Brushworks HD Complexion sponges. “I like how quick and easy they work with foundation and concealer, I prefer sponges to brushes when working with liquid products.”

Brushworks Refresh & Revitalise Floral Dry Shampoo ml MS

Aristocrat Face Cleansing Brush

This innovative cleansing brush combines the gentle touch of ultra-soft bristles on one side with the exfoliating power of silicone bristles on the other, providing a comprehensive cleansing experience like no other. The densely packed bristles on one side provide a gentle yet effective cleanse, ensuring the removal of dirt, makeup, and impurities without causing any irritation. On the opposite side, the silicone bristles offer a deep exfoliation to unveil a brighter, smoother complexion.

“It helps with my oily skin type” says James, International Account Manager. “It’s a great tool for any kind of cleansing.”

Aristocrat Face Cleansing Brush OOP ()

Aristocrat Favourites

Some more products on Aristocrat loved by our staff include the Aristocrat Beard Roller. This product is highly recommended by Thomas, Marketing Manager. He says “I have been using this and noticed a difference in my facial hair.” So if you are looking to grow your beard and want some extra help then this beard roller could become your new best friend. The Massaging Shampoo Brush has been voted the favourite of our Managing Director, Mark. He says “This is a great tool to remove hair products and fits perfectly in my gym bag.”

Aristocrat Massaging Shampoo Brush OOP ()

So Eco Exfoliating Body Gloves

These gloves gently buff away dry skin and unclog pores, cleansing away toxins and impurities to reveal your skin’s natural glow. Perfect for body scrubbing, exfoliating, and cleansing. The gloves are made with a mixture of organic cotton and recycled polyester, the result is a stretchy, thick, and textured material perfectly designed for easy removal of dry skin, leaving your skin supple and smooth

Tom, Senior National Account Manager says that these gloves are the “Perfect bathroom essential and the cotton blend makes it a standout from others on the market!” 

Shannon, Marketing Assistant says “They are must have for exfoliating, especially when it comes to removing fake tan, as we all know this can be quite the chore. I couldn’t live without them.”

So Eco Exfoliating Body Gloves OOP ()

So Eco Favourites

The Blending Drop is loved by our Creative Designer, Julia. She says “ It blends your makeup flawlessly and is just so soft. I am obsessed with it, I won’t use any other sponges now! It is amazing for sensitive skin and it cleans so well. Dry or wet, it just works every time.” 

Mike, National Account Manager is a big fan of the So Eco Paddle Brush, he says “I always have this in my gym bag, it’s my favourite brush.”

So Eco Paddle Brush OOP ()

Killer Lips Lip Plumping Treatment

Our lip plumping treatment is specifically formulated to help naturally plump and enhance the appearance of your lips, whilst providing intensive hydration and protection. Its innovative design enhances and revitalises your lips over time, offering a natural and gradual approach to fuller, more luscious lips. Infused with hyaluronic acid and peptides to nourish and hydrate your lips. When applied regularly, it works to moisturise, condition and plump lips over time in the delicate lip area. As a result, you’ll notice your lips gradually becoming smoother, softer, and visibly plumper, with fine lines and wrinkles minimised.

“My favourite lip plumper gloss” says Freya, Creative Designer. “I use it all day, everyday. It keeps my lips feeling hydrated and looking glossy.”

Angie, Financial Controller says “I love Killer Lips, it really works. It is super moisturising, not sticky and the packaging is fab.”

Killer Lips Lip Plumping Treatment MS ()

Eyecandy Favourites

Some favourites from Eye Candy include the Brow Gel, designed to Tame, lift, and sculpt your brows. Natasha, Marketing Executive says “It makes my brows look thicker and fuller whilst keeping them in place all day.” The Eye Candy Classic Extension Collection has been voted for another favourite. Hannah, Marketing Assistant says “I love these lashes, they are my fav fluffy lash! I even cut these up and they make the perfect cat eye lash!”

Eye Candy Brow Gel MS ()