So Eco Sustainable Beauty Brand Hit Milestone: 255,309 Trees Planted Over 5 Years


As an ongoing partner of Tree-Nation, So Eco has now successfully planted 255,309 trees offsetting 12,800.54 t CO2, which is a big step towards the restoration movement. This is a huge milestone and we wanted to share the difference that has been made!


So Eco partnered up with Tree-Nation back in 2017 to help combat deforestation and encourage bio-diversity. Planting trees has been proven to be one of the most efficient solutions to fight climate change and this is a passion we share with Tree Nation. So Eco supports the trust by planting a tree for every 100 products and 1 tree planted for every gift set sold globally. 

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In 2006, Maxime Renaudin founded Tree-Nation. Starting off in Niger, the driest and most impoverished nation on the planet, the project swiftly expanded its reach to support local planting teams across the globe. Tree-Nation has transformed to assist over 17,500 companies and over half a million users in planting a staggering 33 million trees. These efforts span across more than 70 reforestation projects on five continents.

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Where Did So Eco's Interest In Planting Trees Begin?

After discovering Tree-Nation, we quickly realised the impact that could be done with planting trees, so we had to get involved and further support our core brand values. We are grateful for the opportunity Tree Nation has given us to make a difference where it matters most.


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Our Pledge To Sustainability

At So Eco, we place a unique emphasis on guaranteeing that every aspect of our products, down to the transit packaging, aligns with our promise of being a truly eco-conscious cosmetic brand. Our transit packaging combines corrugated board and PLA Corn Starch Bags, exemplifying our dedication to sustainable practices at every stage of the journey. All of our products are 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. As part of our commitment to sustainability, our packaging is FSC certified, incorporating PLA-Corn-starch windows and Soy-based inks. By opting for these innovative materials, we significantly reduce our ecological footprint compared to traditional mineral-based inks. Moreover, our packaging is biodegradable, making it far easier to recycle as well as contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

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