Products You Need For A Perfect Night Of Beauty Sleep

Aside from being a perfect excuse to leave somewhere early, sleep is one of the most important factors to looking healthy and maintaining a gorgeous glow! Here at SoInvogue we offer a range of products to help you unwind, relax and get your well-deserved beauty sleep.

Brushworks Makeup Remover Cloths, 3 Pack

The first step to some amazing beauty sleep is the preparation. We’re talking skincare…

We hope you know by now that the number one rule for looking after your skin before sleeping peacefully is removing all your makeup effectively. Not only does sleeping in makeup cause premature ageing it also traps your dead skin cells, causing an overall dull complexion. It’s proven that sleeping in makeup clogs up pores and flares acne, so it’s at the top of our ‘NO NO’ list when it comes to getting your perfect night of beauty sleep.

Brushworks Makeup Remover Cloths are a quick easy way to remove any face makeup simply using only water. So even if you are stumbling into your room after a night out, there is no excuse to not remove all that makeup!

Brushworks Luxury Satin Sleep Set


Indulge into the dream land of premium sleep, using our Luxury Satin Sleep Set. With an ultra-soft satin pillowcase that keeps your skin moisturised while you sleep and a satin scrunchie that minimises hair frizz and breakage. Wake up feeling refreshed as the silky soft eye mask blocks out unwanted distractions for a blissful sleep. This set is beauty sleep in a box!

Brushworks Satin Sleep Mask

Some studies claim that masking out the light helps trigger increased melatonin production. Sleeping masks gets you to sleep faster, prevent you from waking up in the night and fight insomnia. This sounds to us like a recipe for some beautiful sleep.

Brushworks Satin Sleep Mask does the job perfectly. Not only does it feature a super cute pink satin design, it’s also ultra-soft, making it extremely comfortable to sleep in. The satin doesn’t absorb your skin’s natural moisture, leaving you with a radiant silky-smooth complexion.

Brushworks Satin Hair Turban

Finally, let’s talk hair; we aren’t forgetting about those luscious locks!

For an overall ultimate beauty sleep we suggest the use of a satin hair wrap. Maintain your hairstyles for longer and preserve curls, prevent tangles and postpone hair wash day, effortlessly while you sleep! Brushworks Satin Hair Turban allows you to wake up with beautifully, smooth and frizz-free hair. Its luxury satin material also features a super cute bow and elasticated band to keep the turban in place while you sleep peacefully.


Now that we’ve shared out top tips, we hope you gorgeous readers can experience well-deserved beauty sleep every single night.