So Eco Luxury Brush Set


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All the brushes you need to truly upgrade your makeup routine whilst keeping it eco-friendly. This luxury set of stunning So Eco brushes include all you need to sculpt, blend, and buff your makeup for flawless results.

Our brushes are beautifully crafted with ferules made from recycled aluminium, saving a huge amount of energy, and reducing the negative environmental, health & social effects of mining. It saves waste that might typically go to landfill. The brush handles are made from bamboo which grows from 3-10 cm a day making it the most ecological and renewable of materials. A field of bamboo releases 35 percent more oxygen than the equivalent timber forest, contributing positively to the atmosphere’s oxygen-carbon dioxide balance, again resulting in a positive impact combating rising carbon emissions. The ultra-soft bristles are 100% cruelty free and can also be recycled. We take being the face of responsibly seriously so of course our packaging reflects this too. Packaged in FSC certified board, the product windows are made from PLA corn starch windows and the inks are all soy based. Even the transit packaging Is a combination of corrugated board and PLA corn starch bags.

This set includes:

  • Angled Contouring Brush to apply bronzer and contour products flawlessly
  • Spoolie to brush through brows and distribute products evenly
  • Flat Shadow Brush to pack on pigment
  • Fluffy Crease Brush for transition shades
  • Angled Eyeshadow Brush for blending out shadow on the eye
  • Angled Brush for brows or precise liner application
  • Powder Brush for evenly distributing powder
  • Concealer Brushes to precisely blend concealer into the skin and carve out brows
  • Tapered Blush Brush for direct application of blusher
  • Foundation Brush for even base application