So Eco Lathering Soap Pouch


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Deeply nourish your skin with the So Eco Lathering Soap Pouch. A multifunctional pouch, textured to naturally exfoliate the skin whilst creating a rich lather with your favourite soap to deeply cleanse the skin. Leaving your skin smooth, silky, and polished.  Made using a mixture of recycled polyester and organic cotton. Resulting in a coarse textured pouch to naturally exfoliate and deeply cleanse, leaving skin supple.

So Eco offers a range of PETA accredited, Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly makeup accessories that have eco-focused principles. Our brand is dedicated to responsibly sourcing our packaging and offering plastic free products to ensure that we have a low impact on the environment!


  • Revitalise your skin through gentle exfoliation
  • Helps create a rich lather
  • Prevent pores getting clogged from excess sebum and oil
  • Soap lasts longer


Soap Lathering Pouch


So Eco Soap Lathering Pouch is an eco-friendly bath accessory that transforms your daily cleansing routines into a luxurious and sustainable experience. Made from natural and biodegradable materials, this pouch is designed to hold your favourite bar soap. Its coarse texture not only offers gentle exfoliation, but also creates a rich, creamy lather when you rub against your skin. The pouch provides an excellent grip, allowing you to apply soap evenly and reach those hard-to-access areas of your body. Additionally, it serves as a soap saver, ensuring your bar soap lasts longer by allowing it to dry between uses! As well as its practical benefits, So Eco’s Soap Lathering Pouch aligns with eco-conscious value, reducing plastic waste associated with liquid soaps and shower gels. Using one of these soap pouches will add sustainability to your daily routine, while contributing to a cleaner planet, while enhancing your bathing experience.