So Eco Gentle Detangling Hair Set

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A perfect set to effortlessly glide through knots and tangles with minimal damage and breakage of the hair. The brush allows for pain-free detangling and the soft bristles massage the scalp to stimulate circulation at the hair follicle. Featuring wooden bristles that stimulate and massage the scalp while you brush, this pain-free brush smoothly combs through hair and distributes your hair’s natural oils for shiny, healthy hair. Paired with an essential eco-friendly comb, perfect for brushing through hair in the shower to ensure your conditioner is completely saturating the hair. Crafted with precision and care, this comb glides through knots and tangles without causing any fuss. Eco Gentle Detangling Hair Set offers a guilt-free way to maintain healthy and beautiful hair while contributing to a greener planet.

So Eco offers a range of PETA accredited, Cruelty-Free and Vegan Friendly makeup accessories that have eco-focused principles. Our brand is dedicated to responsibly sourcing our packaging and offering plastic free products to ensure that we have a low impact on the environment!


  • Detangle knots with ease
  • Glides effortlessly through wet or dry hair
  • Flexible bristles to avoid damage and breakage
  • Eco-friendly


2 Pack Gentle Detangling Brush Set


So Eco Gentle Detangling Hair Set represents a harmonious blend of effective grooming tools and eco-consciousness. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, these tools prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility. The gentle detangling brush features soft and flexible bristles that effortlessly glide through your hair, minimising tugging, and breakage, while keeping your locks smooth and knot-free. The comb, with its wide tooth design, offers precision in styling and detangling. Both tools are thoughtfully designed to fit comfortably in your hand, ensuring easy and precise grooming. This set goes beyond haircare; it symbolises your commitment to eco-friendly living and self-care, offering an environmentally responsible way to keep your hair looking its best while reducing your carbon footprint.