So Eco Complexion Sponge Duo


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Transform your makeup application with the So Eco Complexion Sponge Duo, your essential tools for a refined, airbrushed look. This set brings together two premium sponges that bridge the gap between beauty and environmental care. Each sponge is exceptionally soft, offering a comforting touch to the skin while ensuring an even and smooth makeup application. The special design of these sponges enables the perfect blend of foundations, concealers, and other liquid or cream-based makeup, leaving no streaks or uneven patches.

So Eco is committed to offering PETA accredited, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly makeup accessories, with a focus on sustainable practices. Our approach includes eco-friendly sourcing and plastic-free packaging to significantly reduce environmental impact.


  • Exceptional softness for comfortable application
  • Two-sponge pack for versatile use
  • High-quality, eco-conscious makeup tool
  • Plastic-free packaging for reduced environmental footprint


So Eco Precision Complexion Sponges


The So Eco Complexion Sponge Duo caters to all your makeup application needs, whether you prefer using the sponges wet for a luminous, dewy effect or dry for more targeted, buildable coverage. These adaptable sponges swell when dampened, facilitating a seamless blend, and retain a soft texture when dry for more controlled application. Designed with versatility in mind, one edge is slanted for broad, smooth blending, while the pointed tip ensures precision in narrow areas like around the nose and eyes. Opting for the So Eco Complexion Sponge Duo not only delivers impeccable makeup results but also supports a more sustainable beauty practise.