Nail HQ Nail Polish – Summer Squash (10ml)

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Explore your creativity with Nail HQ. Offering a selection of fun, bright lacquers that are highly pigmented, offering a silky-smooth application and delivering a deep glossy high shine finish. Make a statement with this stunning neon orange! Nail HQ Nail Lacquer in the shade Summer Squash is a thrilling and attention-grabbing shade that sets your nails ablaze with an electrifying burst of colour. This vivid hue exudes confidence and exuberance. It’s a nail lacquer that demands spotlight, drawing all eyes to your fingertips with its bold and audacious brilliance. Whether you’re hitting the dance floor or looking to make a high-impact statement, this nail varnish is your go-to choice. Its intense and vibrant appearance adds a dose of excitement and energy to your life, leaving your nails adorned with a mesmerising allure that is impossible to ignore.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Silky-smooth application
  • High-shine finish


Nail HQ Nail Lacquer – Summer Squash


Transform your mundane nails into a canvas of intricate beauty, with the Nail HQ Nail Lacquer in shade Summer Squash. Whether you’re getting ready for a day at the office or a night out with friends, the Nail HQ Nail Lacquer will elevate your nail game by drying within 2-3 minutes. Say goodbye to those frustratingly long drying times with regular nail polish and say hello to your go-to solution. The Stunning neon nail lacquer adds a summer colour to your nails, while allowing you to show off your personal style. Furthermore, its silky-smooth application and deep glossy high shine finish, ensures a smooth and alluring look every time. Let your nail specialist elevate your nail game!