Invogue Multipack Lashes – Selfie Sunday

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Take charge of your look with the Invogue Selfie Sunday 3 Pack Lashes, the perfect trio for enhancing your beauty routine. This pack of lashes includes three pairs of exquisitely crafted lashes, each designed to bring a dramatic flair to your eyes. Made with high-quality synthetic fibres, these lashes offer the natural appearance of real lashes, combined with a stunning, fluttery effect that captivates and enchants. Each lash in this 3 pack is designed with a lightweight, flexible band, ensuring utmost comfort throughout wear. Ideal for those who seek an instant effect of glamour and charm, these lashes provide an eye-catching flutter that naturally accentuates the beauty of your eyes. The Invogue Selfie Sunday 3 Pack Lashes are versatile, perfect for any setting, be it a special event, a fun night out, or just a casual selfie day at home.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Faux mink appearance for a natural look
  • Wispy and dramatic for impactful eyes
  • Layered design for added fullness
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable for long wear


Lightweight Reusable Sunday Selfie Lashes – 3 Pack


The Invogue Selfie Sunday 3 Pack Lashes not only boast a wispy and enchanting design but are also practical for everyday use. The comfortable band allows for easy application and a pleasant wearing experience, without eye irritation. These lashes are designed to make a statement, offering a full-volume effect that beautifully highlights your eyes. The added length and wispy nature of these lashes in the 3 pack create a mesmerising flutter that frames your eyes perfectly. Furthermore, each pair is reusable, ensuring long-lasting wear and great value. Embrace your confidence and let your eyes be the focal point. Experience the transformative beauty of the Invogue Selfie Sunday 3 Pack Lashes and take your lash game to a whole new level!