Invogue Lash Drama Queen


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Step into the limelight with Invogue Lash Drama Queen Lashes, the ultimate accessory for those who desire the epitome of voluminous and glamorous lashes! These Drama Queen Lashes are expertly crafted to add a bold, layered effect, enhancing depth and drama for a striking look. The lashes are ultra-soft and fine, contributing to a fluffy, full-bodied appearance suitable for any glamorous occasion. Prioritising comfort, these lashes feature a lightweight and flexible band, ensuring they remain comfortable to wear throughout the day and night, without any irritation. This pack does not include lash adhesive.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Faux mink for a natural yet dramatic look
  • Maximum volume for standout eyes
  • Layered design for depth and fullness
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable wear


Lightweight Reusable Drama Queen Lashes


Applying these Drama Queen Lashes is a breeze, and they blend seamlessly with your natural lashes for an impeccable finish. The lightweight band is designed for ease of application and wear, eliminating discomfort or eye irritation. Perfect for special events, nights out, or simply to elevate your everyday style, these lashes are your go-to for instant, dramatic glamour. Designed to make a bold statement, the Drama Queen Lashes offer a full-volume effect that beautifully accentuates your eyes. Plus, being reusable, they provide long-lasting value and are cost-effective. Try them out today and embrace your inner Drama Queen with a lash transformation that speaks volumes!