Eye Candy Precision Tweezer Duo


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Upgrade your brow routine with the ultimate tweezer duo. The smooth stainless-steel tip is crafted to be sturdy, durable, and perfectly aligned so you can indulge in a clean, pain-free experience. Multi-functioning, the straight tweezer is designed to effectively pluck a bunch of hairs at once or alternatively apply lashes. The precision-enhanced slanted tweezer is designed to pluck brow and facial hair with ease or alternately remove ingrown hairs. Providing perfect precision and accuracy whilst shaping brows, helping you to maintain flawless brows.

Eye Candy’s Precision Tweezer Duo is a dynamic toolset for all your grooming and beauty needs. This duo is designed for ergonomic comfort and provides a secure grip for ultimate control and accuracy. Whether you’re refining your brow arch, removing unwanted facial hair, or applying false eyelashes, this duo is more than just grooming tools. Order your Eye Candy Precision Tweezer Duo today and experience the pinnacle of precision grooming!

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Easy to use
  • Ultimate precision
  • Ultra-grip
  • Duo pack


Tweezer Duo


The duo features two essential tweezers tailored for your grooming and eyelash needs. The slanted tip tweezer is perfect for shaping and maintaining well-groomed eyebrows and effortlessly removing stray hairs. The straight tip tweezer is a multi-tasking tool, designed for precision and is perfect for applying lashes.

Whether you’re looking for an easy applicator for your lashes or to maintain well-groomed eyebrows, or both, the Eye Candy Precision Tweezer Duo is your go-to choice. Elevate your grooming and eyelash routine to the next level, and achieve the sharp, refine look you deserve. This Precision Tweezer Duo is an essential part of your beauty routine, ensuring your grooming routines are efficient, effortless and leaving you looking flawlessly groomed and polished.