Eye Candy Extension Collection – Hybrid

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Enjoy the false extension look without the price tag and stress! Eye Candy lashes in the hybrid lash extension style offers a fluffy and curled, cat eye effect to accentuate the eyes. An everyday, fluffy style lash to add a bit of glam, no matter what the occasion! Hybrid lash extensions are the perfect fusion classic and volume lash techniques, offering a harmonious blend of natural elegance and dramatic flair. These extensions are designed to create a multidimensional look to your lashes. The result is a captivating and textured effect that adds both length and volume to your lashes while maintaining a sense of balance. Eye Candy’s Hybrid Extension Collection offers versatility, allowing you to achieve a personalised and eye-enhancing appearance that strikes the ideal balance between subtle and bold. This look is perfect for those who desire a bit more drama than classic lashes but want to avoid the intense fullness of Russian volume lashes. Each box contains one pair of Eye Candy Extension Collection lashes. Lash adhesive is sold separately.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Fluffy and curled
  • Cat eye effect
  • Light, comfortable band
  • Easy to apply


Eye Candy Extension Collection – Hybrid


Let your eyes do the talking with these fluffy Extension Collection Lashes from Eye Candy in the style Hybrid. The Eye Candy Extension Collection Hybrid lashes seamlessly blend the best of two worlds: classic and volume lash extensions. These lashes are a stunning blend of elegance and drama, designed to offer a striking yet natural appearance. By combining the precision of individual classic lashes with the fullness of volume lashes, the Eye Candy Extension Collection Hybrid lashes creates a cat eye effect to accentuate the eyes. Add an enchanting depth and texture that’s impossible to ignore, to your eyes. Featuring a light band for a comfortable fit and easy application. Introduce fluffiness and curl to your life with these elegant Hybrid lashes and say it with your eyes!