Brushworks Wonder Bobbles – Clear (pack of 5)


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Elevate your hair styling experience with the Brushworks Wonder Bobbles, the ultimate hair accessory set designed to provide flawless and fabulous hair every day. Say farewell to tangles, kinks, and hair struggles with this five-pack of clear hair bobbles, revolutionising the way you care for and style your hair. These bobbles are thoughtfully created for both style and functionality. Each clear hair bobble showcases a large, coiled design that minimises tension on your hair, reducing breakage and damage. Unlike traditional hair ties that can cause discomfort and harm, these coiled clear bobbles offer a comfortable and effective solution for your hair care needs. Suitable for all hair types, these bobbles provide a secure hold that lasts all day long, seamlessly blending into your hair for beautiful styling without compromising comfort.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Secure and gentle on hair
  • No pulling or snagging
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Flexible design


Pack of 5 Large Clear Wonder Hair Bobbles


The Brushworks Wonder Bobbles stand out for their durability and flexibility. Made from high-quality materials, these clear hair bobbles are gentle, preventing breakage, snagging, and pulling. They smoothly glide through your hair, offering a pain-free experience while reducing damage risks associated with traditional hair ties. The unique coil design of these bobbles evenly distributes pressure, ensuring a comfortable and seamless hold. Plus, they leave your hair free from kinks or creases upon removal, a great benefit for delicate or damage-prone hair. Perfect for any hairstyle, from sleek ponytails and sophisticated up-dos to casual braids, the Brushworks Wonder Bobbles are versatile and effective. Upgrade your hair routine and discover the transformative impact these clear hair bobbles can have on your daily hair care!