Brushworks Triangular Powder Puff Duo


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Discover the transformative Brushworks Triangular Powder Puff Duo, a must-have for anyone seeking a flawless makeup finish. This innovative duo is your key to achieving an impeccably airbrushed look with minimal effort. The unique triangular design of these powder puffs makes them an essential tool for applying both loose and pressed powders with unparalleled precision. Their shape is meticulously designed to conform to every facial contour, ensuring no area is left untouched, from the broad surfaces to the most intricate corners. These triangular powder puffs stand out not just for their shape but also for their exceptional softness. The larger puff in the duo is ideally suited for comprehensive face powder application, seamlessly setting your foundation for a smooth base. The smaller puff, on the other hand, excels in targeted applications, such as under-eye blurring, offering precise touch-ups whenever needed.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Two-piece set tailored for versatile powder application
  • Triangular shape for precision and ease
  • Ultra-soft texture for a gentle, airbrushed finish
  • Convenient ribbon band for easy handling


Essential Triangular Powder Puff Pair


Embrace the Brushworks Triangular Powder Puff Duo for an unmatched, airbrushed complexion. Crafted from premium, ultra-soft materials, these puffs ensure even powder distribution and flawless blending for a natural, long-lasting look. Their dual functionality allows for a variety of techniques, from baking and setting to brightening your complexion. The precision edges of these triangular puffs are perfect for refining your contouring, offering sharp, defined lines for enhancing cheekbones, jawlines, or sculpting the nose. If a seamless, professional-grade makeup application is what you’re after, the Brushworks Triangular Powder Puff Duo is an indispensable addition to your beauty toolkit. Transform your makeup routine and enjoy a perfectly smooth, radiant complexion with every use.

Watch our video to see the Brushworks Triangular Powder Puff Duo in action!