Brushworks Sectioning Clips


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Discover the secret to effortless styling with the Brushworks Sectioning Clips, a pack of six lightweight pink clips designed to elevate your hair styling routine. The ultimate accessory for flawless styling, these are a must-have for your hair offering both functionality and style. The pink colour adds a touch of flair to your hair routine, while the lightweight construction ensures maximum comfort during use. Additionally, the clips offer a secure hold that keeps even the thickest locks firmly in place. No more frustrating moments of slipping and sliding – these clips are designed to stay put throughout your entire styling session. The gentle yet secure grip ensures your hair remains perfectly sectioned, allowing you to focus on your hairstyles with ease. Rest easy knowing that these clips won’t cause any damage or breakage, making them suitable for all hair types. Experience the convenience and reliability of the Brushworks Sectioning Clips, and unlock a world of endless hair styling possibilities.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Lightweight & travel friendly
  • Efficient
  • Styling essential
  • Long lasting


6 Lightweight Hair Sectioning Clips


Not only are these clips perfect for styling, but they also offer convenience in everyday use. You can rely on their grip to hold your hair securely while you apply makeup or carry out your skincare routine. No more strands falling into your face or getting in the way of your beauty routines. Whether you’re straightening or creating intricate curls, these clips are the ideal companions to keep your hair neatly sectioned and under control. Moreover, the generous number of clips ensures you have all the necessary tools to achieve flawless results, allowing you to achieve that salon-quality finish at home. With the Brushworks Sectioning Clips, styling your hair becomes a delightful experience. Get ready to achieve stunning hair styles with ease, your new go-to styling accessories with ultimate hold!