Brushworks Heatless Curler


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Introducing the Brushworks Heatless Curler – your ticket to effortlessly beautiful curls without the need for damaging heat styling! Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional curling methods and wake up to a head full of bouncy, beautiful curls. This innovative set includes everything you need to create stunning heatless curls: one ultra-soft curling rod, two luxurious satin scrunchies, and a large, stylish claw clip. By avoiding the use of heat, you can improve the health of your hair and reduce the risk of breakage and split ends. Not only is this heatless curler super gentle on your hair, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Just wrap, secure, and sleep – it’s that simple! Filled with a comfortable and soft, pillowy filling for ultimate comfort to ensure you are not missing out on a blissful night’s sleep. Wake up the next morning to discover beautiful, damage-free curls, making every day a good hair day!

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Reduces heat damage
  • Timesaving
  • Gentle & comfortable
  • Easy to use


Comfortable Heatless Curler


Step into the world of effortless and damage-free styling with the Brushworks Heatless Curler. This innovative hair tool is designed to create beautiful curls without the need for heat, making it a gentle and healthy alternative for your locks. With its unique design, the curler allows you to achieve stunning curls while you sleep or go about your daily routine. Simply wrap sections of your hair around the curler, secure and wake up to bouncy, natural curls without subjecting your hair to heat damage. Perfect for those seeking a fuss-free styling option, the heatless curler offers a convenient and comfortable way to enhance your hair’s texture and volume, leaving you with gorgeous, heat-free curls that radiate effortless elegance. Enjoy the versatility and care of heatless styling with this revolutionary curling solution.