52 56 019 Brushworks HD Multi-Tasking Sponge OOP 52 56 019 Brushworks HD Multi-Tasking Sponge FOP
52 56 019 Brushworks HD Multi-Tasking Sponge OOP

Brushworks HD Multi Tasking Complexion Sponge


  • Suitable for Liquids & Powders
  • Delivers Smooth HD Makeup
  • Latex-Free Hydrophilic Sponge

The Brushworks HD Multi-Tasking Sponge is a great all-rounder. The broad rounded side of the sponge is great for basic application of foundation and liquids. Whilst the tapered end is suited to detailing, the flat side is great for contouring with creamy products. The point is ideal for detailing & helps blend those hard to reach areas to prevent caking in fine lines and creases.

This latex free hydrophilic sponge is ultra-soft, non-sensitive, flake resistant and long wearing. It expands with water to make blending easier and absorb less make up, holding only what is absolutely necessary.

This Brushworks sponge is 100% Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.

This product is available for free delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more.

Estimated delivery time is 2-3 working days.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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