Brushworks Hair Towel Wrap – Duo


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Say no to wet and frizzy hair with the Brushworks Hair Towels! Featuring two highly absorbent microfibre hair wraps that dry hair five times faster than cotton, this hair wrap duo is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Gentler than towel drying, these hair wraps reduce breakage and frizz bringing you one step closer to stronger and healthier hair. These hair towel wraps are made from soft and plush poly fleece material, that is designed to be gentle on your hair, while effectively absorbing excess moisture.

Brushworks Hair Towel Wrap 2 Pack are suitable for all hair types and lengths and provide a snug and comfortable fit. Its cosy and comfortable texture provides a soothing and pampering experience, making it perfect for winding down after a relaxing shower. Once dry, just unwrap and style!

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Microfibre material
  • Gentle to hair
  • Reduces damage
  • Lightweight and comfortable


2 Pack Towel Wraps


Brushworks Hair Towel Wraps are a practical and luxurious set designed to simplify your hair care routine while keeping your hair in optimal condition. These hair towel wraps are crafted from absorbent poly fleece material, which is gentle on your hair and helps reduce frizz and breakage. The 2 pack ensures you always have a fresh towel on hand, whether you’re washing your hair or simply looking to speed up the drying process.

These towel wraps are designed with secure closures, making them easy to fasten and stay in place while you go about your post-shower routine. They are perfect for all hair types and lengths and are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional terry cloth towels. These Hair Towel Wraps are more than just a hair accessory; they are a representation of comfort and self-care, ensuring your hair dries quickly and comfortably, leaving it feeling pampered and ready for your next styling adventure.