Brushworks Glitter Eyelash Curler


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Add a sparkle to your beauty routine with the Brushworks Glitter Eyelash Curler, the perfect tool to transform your lashes into a stunning, fluttery masterpiece. Expertly made from high-quality materials, this glitter eyelash curler offers a pinch-free and comfortable curling experience, effortlessly lifting and curling your lashes. Its design mirrors the natural shape of your lash line, ensuring each lash is perfectly curled, leaving none behind. The result is a mesmerising curl that opens up your eyes, enhancing their beauty. Suitable for all lash lengths, this curler is the ideal solution for achieving that flawless curl. Beyond its exceptional functionality, the curler’s glitter design adds an extra touch of glamour to your makeup routine. Embrace gorgeous, lifted lashes that give your eyes an instant, eye-opening effect!

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Comfortable handle with glitter detailing
  • Long-lasting curl effect
  • User-friendly design
  • Cushioned pad for comfort


Brushworks Glitter Lash Curler


Whether you’re prepping for a glamorous night out or just enhancing your daily look, the Brushworks Glitter Eyelash Curler is your go-to for achieving stunning, all-day curled lashes. This essential beauty tool, with its stylish rose gold and glitter handle, is a dazzling addition to your beauty arsenal. Its versatility makes it suitable for all eye shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to achieve their ideal lash look. The curler’s gentle yet effective performance guarantees the perfect curl, boosting your confidence and glamour throughout the day. Embrace the Brushworks Glitter Eyelash Curler and elevate your lash game to dazzling new heights!