Brushworks Detangling Brush and Scrunchie Set


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Give your hair a break by swapping out your old brush and damaging hairbands, for this Brushworks Detangling Brush, that glides through knots and tangles with ease.

Paired with a set of 2 satin scrunchies that allow you to tie up your hair with minimal damage and breakage. With a brush designed to allow for a pain and breakage free brushing experience and the perfect accessories for up-dos that are kind to your hair, this set is all you need to kickstart your haircare upgrade. The ergonomic handle of the detangling brush, allows for easy manoeuvring around your hair, limiting damage and split ends. Together, this set provides the ultimate hair care and styling experience, allowing you to achieve perfectly styled hair, without the worry of creases or damage.

Whether you’re looking for some stylish hair accessories or something to pamper and protect your hair, this set is perfect for you!

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Soft Satin
  • Detangles & Smooths
  • Pain-free brushing
  • Suitable for wet & dry hair


2 Satin Scrunchies and Detangling Brush Set


Brushworks Detangling Brush and Scrunchie Set is a delightful combination of both hair care and style. The two satin scrunchies, crafted from a sleek and smooth texture, provide a gentle yet secure hold for your hair without causing breakage or creases. They are not only functional, but also add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle.

The detangling Brush, designed with flexible bristles, effortlessly glides through your hair, eliminating knots and tangles while minimising damage. This set is all about hair health and style, ensuring your locks remain smooth, manageable, and well accessorised. Brushworks Detangling Brush and Scrunchie Set is more than just a hair care set, it represents convenience and chic grooming, ensuring your hair looks its best while feeling pampered and protected.