Brushworks Brow Shaping Set

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Shape and tame your brows, effortlessly and pain free using this set of pastel eyebrow razors, tweezers and magnifying mirror. Be as precise as you desire by firstly using the razors to carve out the shape you want, then pluck away any stray hairs with the tweezer duo. Avoid any mistakes by using the magnifying mirror to see clearly and closely when grooming your brows. This set includes: 3 Eyebrow Razors, 2 Tweezers and 1 Magnifying Mirror. The three eyebrow razors are great for removing unwanted hair from your eyebrows and other areas of the face. The tweezers make it effortless to pluck even the tiniest and most stubborn hairs. The 10x magnifying mirror is equipped with suction cups on the back, it can be effortlessly mounted on various surfaces, providing a stable and hands-free experience.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Ultimate precision
  • Exfoliated
  • Perfect base for makeup
  • Easy to use


Eyebrow Razors, Tweezers and Magnifying Mirror Set


Brushworks Brow Shaping Set is a comprehensive and essential package for achieving perfectly groomed eyebrows and flawless facial hair removal. This set includes 3 eyebrow razors, 2 tweezers and 1 magnifying mirror, that are vital tools designed to elevate your grooming routine. The eyebrow razor, featuring a sharp and precise blade ensures easy shaping and trimming of your brows with precision. The tweezers, crafted for precision plucking, help you eliminate unwanted stray hairs with ease. The 10X magnifying mirror provides a close-up view of your eyebrows and facial hair, allowing for detailed and accurate grooming. This set is ideal for maintaining your eyebrows and facial hair with professional-level precision in the comfort of your own home. More than just grooming tools, they are a symbol of self-care and perfection, ensuring your brows and facial hair remain impeccably groomed, enhancing your overall look and confidence.