Brushworks Sparkly Bauble Complexion Sponges

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Introducing the Brushworks Sparkly Bauble Complexion Sponges – the must-have beauty accessory to elevate your makeup routine with a touch of glamour and sparkle. This set features not one, but two Multi Tasking Complexion Sponges, one in a bright pink and the other in a charming baby pink. Packaged in a beautifully crafted heart-shaped bauble, this set is not only a functional makeup sponge case but also a delightful decoration for your home or a lovely ornament for your christmas tree. Crafted from premium quality materials, these complexion sponges offer a soft and gentle touch on your skin, ensuring the even distribution of your favourite makeup products. The Brushworks Sparkly Bauble Complexion Sponges effortlessly create a skin-like finish that appears natural and flawless.  Whether you desire a full-face glam or a more natural look, these sponges cater to all your makeup needs.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.


  • Ultra-soft 
  • Skin-like finish
  • Precision application
  • Heart shaped bauble


Ultra Soft Complexion Sponges


The Complexion Sponges excel at blending makeup, making them an essential tool for achieving a flawless and seamless finish. They are made from premium quality materials, which allows the sponges to effortlessly blend liquids, creams and powders with ease. The rounded shape and flat edge of these sponges provides a versatile surface area, making them perfect for reaching every contour of your face. Resulting in a seamless finish, especially in the hard-to-reach areas, like under the eyes and around the nose and lips. Whether you’re looking to conceal imperfections, contour with precision, or set your makeup with powder, these sponges deliver exceptional results. Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast experimenting with different looks or a professional artist working on clients, these sponges are an essential addition to your beauty collection. Say goodbye to uneven application and embrace the beauty of flawlessly blended makeup with the Brushworks Sparkly Bauble Complexion Sponges!