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Discover luxury in every coat with our nail gift sets, including nail polish gift sets and nail tools gift sets, perfect for creating stunning nail looks.

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Nail Polish Gift Sets

Choosing what colour to paint your nails is actually such a difficult task. Do you want them to match your outfit? Do you want them to contrast and stand out? What else are you attending over the coming days, there are more things to factor in than first thought! Nail gift sets, especially nail polish gift sets are the ultimate way to remove a bit of this decision paralysis. Buy nail polish gift sets perfectly paired so you have more than one colour up your sleeve…or on your nails!

Choose from a range of colours and finishes including pastels, nudes, bolds, and manicure nail polish gift sets. Find the perfect nail polish gift set with Soinvogue, treat yourself or a loved one today.

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Nail Gift Sets - The Best Tools

A nail gift set is the perfect present for a friend. Our nail tools are complete nail gift sets – toe and nail clippers, professional manicure sets, nail pamper sets and so much more. These gift sets include everything from scissors, and clippers to cuticle pushers and files. What more could you need? 


Cruelty Free & Vegan Nail Gift Sets

At Soinvogue, our nail polish gift sets and nail gift sets are proudly cruelty-free, vegan, and PETA approved. We are committed to ethical beauty, ensuring that all our products are designed without harming animals. Each set, from our vibrant nail polish collections to our comprehensive nail care tools, adheres to these high standards, allowing you to enjoy beautiful nails with a clear conscience. Choose Soinvogue for nail gift sets that support your values while delivering exceptional quality.

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