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  • Posted on: November, 5th 2019

Good Housekeeping Nail HQ Review

  • Growth Treatment:

With an easy to apply formulation, testers enjoyed the thin texture of the product noting that it spread evenly and dried quickly. The cap was ergonomic and allowed a controlled application of the product and the pink colour did not transfer onto the nails leaving a clear shine when worn on its own. Over 92% of testers agreed that it was a good basecoat, noting that it helped to extend the wear of their nail polish. The scent wasn’t overpowering, and testers also noticed that the product helped prevent their usual breakage and peeling leaving their nails longer and feeling stronger. On average, testers noticed improvements within four to five days of using the product.

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  • Strengthener Treatment: 

A brilliant choice for those with a need for speed, 97% of testers were happy with the drying time and testers also noted that they saw improvements in their nails within 2-3 days on average- the quickest improvement in our test! The finish was shiny and left the nails looking smoother and healthier in an instant. The consistency of the formulation and the brush size made it easy to apply to the whole nail and testers even saw improvements in the growth of their nails too. The product scored well in our lab tests with a 3/5.

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