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  • Posted on: November, 5th 2019

Female First’s Vegan and Cruelty Free Make-Up Brushes

Brushworks has been nominated and won multiple awards throughout 2018 & 2019. The brush packaging features high shine foil made from PET which is a widely recyclable form of plastic. Brushworks launched with a core set of makeup brushes and sponges, it is now an all encompassing beauty accessories range including premium brushes, make-up sponges and implements.Brushworks Unicorn HD Brushes are our premium brushes which have hand crafted and shaped bristles which are ideal for loose, pressed and liquid makeup. The elegantly designed, slender handles are beautifully sculpted for superior hold and control. Brushworks brushes are PETA accredited, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, delivering a flawless application, every time.

So Eco is a range of PETA accredited Cruelty Free and Vegan products, with a unique emphasis on components being responsibly and ethically sourced. The problems created by plastic packaging are being increasingly covered in the media placing emphasis on companies to address waste reduction and consider the environmental legacy products create. We have been doing this since 2012!Our approach incorporates eco-focused principles that ensure a lower impact on the environment through responsibly sourced products and packaging. Our range include: makeup brushes, bath products and hair brushes.

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