Our Self-Isolation Beauty Survival Guide

Stuck inside feeling bored from self-isolation? The likelihood is that we are all going to be on the lookout for things to keep us busy! Since we will be having some downtime (much more than usual) it could be easy to let the everyday routine and habits slip. For most, during the self-isolation period we will probably opt out of wearing makeup to let our pores breath, but that doesn’t mean our whole beauty regime should be forgotten! Here, we have the ultimate beauty self-isolation guide:

Hygiene is key!

As always, hygiene is key! So, with some spare time on your hands, why not take some time to clean your makeup brushes and get rid of any unwanted germs of bacteria. Our Brushworks Makeup Brush Cleaning Palette can be perfectly paired with the Look Good Feel Better Brush Sanitising Foam – which kills 99.9999% of bacteria, ensuring your brushes are no longer a breeding ground for any harmful bacteria. With the guidelines stating to wash hands every 20 seconds to avoid the spread of germs or bacteria – we have found that hands can become dry and rough. Our So Eco Spa Moisture Gloves can help to seal moisture into the hands, simply massage in your fave lotion and slip on the gloves for extra moisture!

Being resourceful/sustainable

Many of us are, but now is probably the ultimate time to be resourceful and minimise any waste whilst staying at home! Swap a face wipe or cotton pad for a Brushworks Makeup Remover Cloth. The cloth is reusable and removes your makeup with warm water! An added bonus is that you can also just chuck it in your washing machine when it needs a clean.

Relax your mind with some pamper time

It is normal to feel slightly anxious or stressed at this uncertain time, so we feel it is important to try and relax and unwind to prevent your mind overthinking! Taking up some morning meditation, reading a book or listening to your fave podcast will be a contributor for taking your mind off things. Treating yourself to a pamper evening (or day) will do just the trick. The Brushworks Spa Gel Eye Mask with an added soothing therapy will help to relieve any stress! With added eyeholes – this will ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine – so for those working at home this is perfect.