Nail The Natural Look With Nail Hq Essential Treatments

Beauty isn’t always as easy as it seems, nails can break, snap and bend from the simplest of tasks. The solution to restoring your natural nails has arrived in the form of Nail HQ treatments.

Upgrade your manicure, regain confidence in your natural nails and treat them to the TLC they deserve. Start by toughening up your nail beds to avoid unwanted breakage, the Nail HQ Essentials Hardener Treatment helps to recondition soft and brittle nails through its mineral enriched formula that includes vitamin E and Calcium. Packed with rice and soy protein, this hardening treatment creates a protective layer over your nails that helps to reduce breakage.



  • Apply 1 coat to clean, dry nails and wear for 4-5 days.
  • Can be worn with or without nail colour on top.
  • Remove with nail polish remover and re-apply.
  • Use for at least 3 weeks.

Hardening your nails is great but we can’t forget about achieving a dreamy length. Designed to grow your nails to perfection, the Nail HQ Essentials Growth Treatment supports the healthy growth of your nails. Formulated with a beautiful blend of nail growth additives, this vitamin rich treatment includes Apricot Kennel Oil and Peptide Complex to help encourage long, healthy nails and repair them from the inside out.

For the ultimate transformation, why not alternate your use of the Nail HQ Essentials Hardening and Growth treatments for natural, stronger, healthier looking nails!

Start your journey to healthier nails with Nail HQ treatments.