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  • Posted on: March, 11th 2019
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Nail Care with Nail HQ

It’s nearly been a year since I’ve taken my acrylic nails off and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to take better care of them and I’ve been using a couple of products to keep my nails feeling and looking strong.

Nail HQ London specialise in products to help protect the nails as well as keeping them strong and healthy. I like to try and a weekly treatment since I focus more on doing my own nails, and after seeing the state of them when my acrylics were taken off, I vowed never to go back again!


Protect & Repair is formulated with root ginger and rice protein which is perfect to protect your nails – especially after using acrylics for so long. The treatment is best used on weak and soft nails (which is what I suffer with) and the polish applies as a clear coat. Soy protein and Hydrolysed Collagen also feature in the polish and this contributes to hydrating, moisturising and conditioning the nails which also maintains nail flexibility.

I use this alone without any police on top and it’s designed to be used again and again until you see improvement in the nails. I’ll have this one for one week, and re-apply it about 3 times a week. After the week is up (or sometimes even 5 days) I remove it with a mild nail polish remover and re-start the process again until I feel I don’t need to use it anymore.

It takes my nails months to recover from being ripped apart and not being to breathe properly. I find this treatment works well for me and it’s a process I continue to use in rotation of painting my nails.


I’ve always suffered with having thin and sometimes brittle nails even before I started getting acrylics. The Hardener & Strengthener ​treatment contains Vitamin B, Mineral Complex, Coconut Oil and Keratin Proteins – all which combined helps to make the nails so much more stronger.

I use this treatment in the same way as the Protect & Repair, and leave it on for a week and let the formula settle into my nails.

11 February 2019