Makeup Brushes 101: What Do I Really Need?

For all our beginners out there, we have put together a fool proof guide of our must-have brushes to keep in your makeup bag.

The Look Good Feel Better brushes not only help a great cause, but they are designed with you in mind to make doing your makeup as simple and easy as possible. Each brush has been specifically tailored to every makeup need, from contouring to baking.

Look Good Feel Better Foundation Brush

Although traditionally used to apply foundation, we love this brush for applying creams, primers and face masks – quick and mess free!

Look Good Feel Better Multi-Tasking Brush

Whether you’re a sponge or a brush girl, there’s no denying that our Multi-Tasking brush is the perfect tool for blending out foundation or cream contour. Ideal for nights out or those days where you’re needing a little more coverage, the bristles of this brush are tightly compact making it super easy to achieve an even, flawless base.

Look Good Feel Better Flawless Complexion Sponge

So, this sponge isn’t technically a brush, but we can’t live without this tool when doing our morning makeup! On the days when you have more time, we recommend dampening your sponge and pressing into a loose powder to bake your under eye concealer into place. This hack only takes a few minutes but ensures you have a smooth, crease-free under eye for the rest of the day.

Look Good Feel Better Stippling Duo Fibre Brush

As part of The Make Over Brush Set, the Stippling Duo Fibre brush cannot be missed. This brush can be used in a variety of ways: we especially love it to blend out our cream contour, apply a flush of blusher to the cheeks or lightly adding fake tan to your face and difficult places such as your hands and knees.

Look Good Feel Better Powder Brush

A makeup bag staple, use to lightly apply powder across your face or sweep a generous amount of bronzer to the high points of your face, jaw and neck.

Look Good Feel Better Angled Contour Brush

Similarly to the Multi-Tasking Brush, our Contour Brush has tightly packed bristles to carve out the hollows of your cheeks with ease. The angled design hugs your cheek, making it even easier to apply to the correct areas of the face, avoiding the dreaded ‘muddy’ look.

Look Good Feel Better Angled Blending Brush

The ultimate eye shadow brush that can be used for creating blown out smokey eyes or a natural blend of colour to the eyelid. Top tip: struggling to get an intense, blinding highlight? Dip our Angled Blending brush into your favourite highlighter and generously apply to the cheek bones for your desired glow.

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