Longer, Thicker, Smoother Hair in 4 Easy Steps

Longer, thicker, smoother hair is just 4 steps away. I’m going to tell you how to achieve and maintain your hair’s best condition.

Start from the scalp. The real results show from how you are treating your scalp before and during washing. Before washing your hair, you need to be adding a scalp massager to your routine! Not only will it stimulate the scalp and improve blood flow to encourage the growth of new hair, when paired with a hair oil, your hair will receive the love and care it deserves to help rebuild it from the root down. When using the scalp massager to apply the oil, gently rub it in circular motions to strengthen the follicles and leave in for 1-2 hours for best results. Once washed out, you will see instant glossy results.

Similar is looks but slightly different, a shampoo massaging brush works to breakdown build-up of product in the hair with washing and help to deeply cleanse the scalp to its maximum potential. Brushworks shampoo massaging brush features flexible silicone bristles and a soft grip handle for ultimate control and comfort. Use when shampooing your hair and again rub is gentle circular motions to work the shampoo completely into the scalp. This helps make your hair look as clean and soft as possible, so it is defiantly a step worth adding to your routine if it isn’t in it already.

The next important tip for maintaining healthy hair is the drying process. When wet, your hair is at its most venerable and most likely to break. Before I explain the best way to fry your hair, I thought I would just stress to never ever brush your hair when it’s wet! Right back to getting it dry. Of course, avoiding heat is the best option to ensure no damage, but the speed up the process, try using a microfibre hair towel. The super soft material works gently to absorb excess water. This method helps to dry the hair naturally causing no harm. The Brushworks Microfibre hair towel works perfectly for this.

Right so now your hair is dry, you need to choose carefully what brush to use to detangle. The softer and more flexible the bristles are, the easier the brush will glide though knots and tangles with ease. One brush that works wonders to detangle is the So Eco detangling leaf brush. It’s unique design gently brushes through the hair preventing damage and split ends.

Now you know our 4 main tips, use them consistently to achieve silky smooth results, thickness, and longer length.