Invogue Guide: Your Ultimate Summer Travel Essentials

Planning to book a getaway? Whether it’s in the UK or abroad we’ve got the ultimate guide for things to pack … that’s part of the beauty checklist ticked off!

As a summer holiday may now be just around the corner for most of us, you’ll want to be prepared wherever you end up! So, we’ve handpicked the essentials just for you – to shop NOW!

Don't Forget Your Summer Scent

Don’t miss out on your signature scent whilst your away, no need to carry bulky and fragile fragrance bottles anymore. With our Brushworks Travel Atomiser £7.99, this handy refillable atomizer offers a 4ml capacity – which can hold up to 50 sprays and can easily fit in a makeup bag or handbag.

Summer Smooth Skin Prep

We all know the key to a good tan is to prep the skin, whether your opting for a false tan or building up a natural tan – these So Eco Exfoliating Gloves £5.00 will have you sorted! Remove any dead skin cells and reveal your healthiest glow – perfect for the beach! (Even better they are made from sustainable and biodegradable materials)

Feet Looking Fresh?

If you’re feet aren’t looking so fresh this summer season, then this So Eco Foot Rasp £5.00  is the solution! Not only is it an all-year round essential – but perfect for the summer season! Designed to remove any unwanted, hard skin from feet the rasp features a natural abrasive surface and an ergonomically designed handle for ease of use and maximum comfort.

Beach Ready Brows

The perfect kit for all your beauty needs! If you’ve missed a few unwanted hairs, or applying some fase lashes – all your worries will be gone with the Brushworks Neon Tweezer Set £7.99.Each pair of tweezers features a different head, helping you choose the best tool for the job! Crafted for unrivalled precision, with perfectly aligned tips this set helps you grab individual hairs with ease.

Nails On Point

If you’ve opted for gels, or acrylic or just gone for a natural nail this summer – it is important to ensure that your cuticles don’t dry out in the heat! Nail HQ Cuticle Oil £6.99 is the perfect essential to add to your daily routine, helping to prevent hang nails – which can cause your nail varnish to chip and peel off!

On The Go Essentials

We get that it can be hard cramming your whole makeup bag into a small one for a few days or weeks! But fear not – with the Brushworks White & Rose Gold Travel Makeup Brush Set £9.99 you can craft your fave makeup looks wherever you are! This vegan and cruelty-free set features a multi-tasking brush, powder brush, concealer brush and foundation/eye shading brush!

So…now you’re ready for the beach, we hope you all have lovely holidays wherever you venture off to and of course stay safe!