Ice Rolling And The Benefits

We all know the current hype with skincare and skincare tools, so whilst we have the time on our hands in lockdown and the chance to give our skin some extra TLC why not take the opportunity to indulge in a pamper, self-care evening once or twice a week? Whether it’s with friends over Zoom, your partner or family – we’ve got just the tool for you – Brushworks Ice Roller!

This ultra-refreshing ice roller is a chill-out for your skin.

Here’s why you should start incorporating an ice roller into your skincare/pamper routine (Need we say more?)

Brushworks Ice Rolling
  • De-Puffs – If you struggle with any puffiness to the face, the Ice Roller works a treat! With a cooling sensation and cold temperature this will help to reduce any puffing.
  • Boosts Circulation – There’s nothing better than putting your roller in the fridge and then applying the super cool, stainless steel to skin! By bringing blood to the surface of the skin, the roller helps to boost circulation and stimulate a natural glow.
  • Soothes Tense Muscles – We are all prone to staring/frowning at our phones or laptops on a daily basis, and with working from the home becoming the new normal the growth of neck pain has become something that most of us have had to deal with. Take your roller, and work over the neck, forehead and jawline or anywhere you may be holding tension to help soothe and relax muscles.
  • Aiding Lymphatic Drainage – Our Jade Roller and Gua Sha tools are also great with this! The Ice Roller works in a similar way, it is just slightly cooler in temperature. Working towards the outer edges of the face will help to aid lymphatic drainage and allow the body/face to flush out any toxins.

Here are some tips and a step by step guide from the team here at Brushworks HQ on how to use our Ice Roller:

  • Ensure skin and neck is prepped – with a serum or oil
  • Gently apply pressure and perform upward and outward strokes over the skin, at the end of each stroke lift the roller and start over, don’t be tempted to roll back and forwards.
  • Begin with the chin and jawline, starting at the centre and rolling outwards towards the ear lobes.
  • Cheeks should be rolled from the nose straight across the cheek bones towards the top of the ear.
  • The under-eye area can be rolled gently outwards towards the temple.
  • For the eyebrow area, gently follow the contour of your brow bone, from the bridge of your nose towards the temples.
  • The forehead should be rolled from the middle outwards. You can finish the forehead with a slow and soothing roll starting between your eyebrows and up to the hair line.
  • Repeat the same motion 4-5 times in each area.

Care – Your roller should always be wiped down with a dry or damp clean cloth. Do not wash with water! You can always store the roller in the fridge for an extra cooling effect – however ensure the roller is clean before and afer each use.

Caution – If you have any metal allergies please consult a medical professional before use.

Face Ice Rolling