How To Apply Falsies Like A Pro

Falsies are a girl’s best friend when it comes to transforming your look but is there anything worse than when you’re getting ready for a night out and that inner corner refuses to stay down?! This is enough to call off the plans and get straight back into bed, but don’t worry girl we can stop that. Only when applied correctly can you achieve an unforgettable look so here are some of our tips for applying lashes that last.

Prep is important!

The perfect pro application requires a little more than just getting them stuck on. To help your natural lashes seamlessly blend with the fakes, apply a thin layer of mascara before application. Not only is mascara a key tool to success, so is eyeliner. Apply a thin line of liner to the top of the eyelid to help to hide the lash band. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t be able to see the liner it’s just there to blend.

Glue as new

Glue is obviously very much needed in this process! If you are a beginner to applying falsies, then we suggest using a clear glue to avoid any mess around the eyes. Our Invogue Eyelash Glue is perfect for long lasting lash application. After a applying a small layer of glue to the lash band, wait around 10-15 seconds until the glue is tacky. This should make the lash stick on the first time of application and avoid any fuss or mess.

Apply with ease

Enjoy stress free, no hassle application when you use the Brushworks Lash Applicator. This handy tool allows full grip of the lashes for the quickest, most perfect application.

Now you know how to apply your falsies, we are loving the Eye Candy Demi Lashes right now! They create a gorgeous wispy effect suitable for any eye shape. Why not try them out now that you know exactly how to apply them like a professional!