Holiday Prep with Soinvogue!

Summer is approaching quicker than we can get ourselves to the gym for our #SUMMERBODS. Soinvogue knows how lovely it feels to have new beauty products to enjoy while you are away. So, you’ll be glad to know that we thought we would share some of our top holiday picks with you!

Keeping it cool

Coming it at number 1 for obvious reasons is the Brushworks Ice Roller. What better way to cool down and depuff your skin after embracing the holiday heat?! This ice roller is best off stored in the fridge and upgrades your skincare routine in just one step!


Let your skin breathe

Once you start to get your holiday glow, lashes are your best friend. Just adding a subtle lash on its own can help give your skin a break whilst showing off your tan and natural radiance. By adding a cute pair of falsies, you can instantly intensify any look, perfect for dinner or evening drinks. Our current faves are the Eye Candy Signature Lashes in the style Luna! These lightweight, fluttery falsies are perfect for that holiday glam you’ve been craving.

Packing smarter

Cramming in every beauty product you own may sound like a good idea at first but not when it comes to unpacking in the bathroom or simply trying to find anything in the chaos of your makeup bag. That’s why we recommend you leave yourself a little extra space. One way to cut down for space in your makeup bag is to try packing travel size makeup brushes. Brushworks Exclusive Makeup Brush Set comes in a gorgeous pink makeup back too, perfect for your trip!

Sleeping Beauty

Name something more annoying than not being able to sleep at all on the plane after being up at the crack of dawn to make sure you don’t miss your flight… Airports can be stressful, and on your flight you should be able to relax even just a little bit. Our solution is the Brushworks Sleep Mask. Block out light and distractions whilst being gentle to your eyes. Trust us, this is a flight necessity!