Get Summer Ready Skin With So Eco

  • Posted on: August, 27th 2019
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Heading on holiday this Summer and want to achieve the perfect summer glow? The secret behind a flawless base tan is not only the techniques but using the correct products to prep skin!

Our new So Eco bath products are specifically designed to treat every skin care need to ensure your skin is looking its best, whether you’re relaxing by the pool or heading out on an exploration in the city.

Step 1: Prepping the skin always starts with feeling cleansed and refreshed. Pick up your favourite cleanser and the So Eco Bath & Shower Pouf, working into the skin for a pampering lather. The luxury mesh material is ideal for gentle exfoliation and making your skin super clean and fresh.

Step 2: Exfoliation is key! Exfoliating your skin is crucial to unclogging pores and sweeping away that dead and dry skin to make room for a brand new, super soft surface. This in turn means your skincare products are able to penetrate more deeply, working more effectively. But, most importantly, exfoliants break down dead skin whilst smoothing texture, this means skin appears more uniform over time and reduces signs of premature ageing.

So Eco caters for all skin types, for those with sensitive skin we would recommend using our Gentle Exfoliating Sponge alongside the Gentle Facial Exfoliator. These are made using natural cotton and are textured to help exfoliate dead skin cells off the top layer of your skin – a total must-have for a healthy glow!

Need something with a bit more oomph? The So Eco Exfoliating gloves are an easy alternative to buff dead skin cells, revealing a smooth, radiant surface.

But don’t forget your back, girls! Ever begged your friend to scrub your back for you pre-night out? Our So Eco Flat Loofah with a wooden handle is an elegant, long body scrubber made from wood for strength and durability. Use on your back or hard to reach places for a stimulating massage and deep pore cleanse!

Step 3: Finally, the most important step, keeping moisturised. Moisturising after exfoliation is super important, because hot water strips all of the moisture and oils from your skin, leaving it parched and dry. (Your fresh new layer of skin will thank you!)

When prepping for a summer holiday, we tend to focus on our back, stomach and legs but forget about our hands. Hands can become extremely dry, make sure they are kept moisturised, especially when out in the sun.

Top tip: use our Spa Moisture Gloves at bedtime or as a quick pick me up before heading out in the evening. Simply apply your favourite lotion onto the hands and slip on the gloves to seal in the moisture.

Now your skin is prepped you’re ready to enjoy your Summer with ease! Let us know your favourite skin prep techniques over on our Instagram!

So Eco x