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  • Posted on: October, 28th 2018
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7 Cruelty Free Budget Makeup Brands

I have been a vegetarian for quite some time, but my cruelty free journey began 11 months ago, when I watched documentaries that shed light on animal testing in the make up industry and I was horrified. I thought that being a vegetarian made me automatically cruelty free, but I had no idea how the suede and leather I was wearing impacted animals and immediately I threw out all animal materials that I had in my wardrobe, giving them to friends and family who were not opposed to animal products. I never wore fur, as I saw it as ‘cruel’ but when I realised how cruel wearing animal products like leather and suede were, I ensured that I would never buy an animal product again. I must have thrown out at least £700 worth of clothing and handbags because I couldn’t bear the thought of buying into an industry that wilfully hurts animals. And that was just the clothing; imagine my horror when I found that make up brands that I had trusted like Revlon and Rimmell were still testing on animals, because there was ‘money in China’ where animal testing is legal.

Wearing A ‘Signature Faded Spring Cruelty Free Budget Makeup Look’

It broke my heart and from that day forward, even the cleaning products that I use are 100 % cruelty free. I fact check every brand before purchasing when I don’t know whether they are cruelty free and read other websites like Cruelty Free Kitty and Ethical Elephant who are also cruelty free bloggers who have verified lists of cruelty free brands, many of which are ‘budget friendly too’. When I wrote about how much being cruelty free means to me and how much being cruelty free rocks, I was touched by how many of you, my readers reached out to me to say that after reading my post, you too were making it a personal mission to go cruelty free and how many of you were already cruelty free and loved that I was spreading the word.I also had a lot of emails and messages asking me what the best ‘budget cruelty free brands’ are and to dispel the myth surrounding the notion that cruelty free products are expensive.


* So Eco: Best For Make Up Brushes

Available to buy from Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Fragrance Direct, So Eco is an up and coming make up brush brand who places emphasis on components being 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. In a world where we waste plastic and other forms of packaging which has an impact on oceanic habitats, the environment and more, we must look at new ways to protect the world we live in and So Eco is an ambassador for change. Not only will buying So Eco’s make up brushes lower your impact on the environment through responsibly sourced packaging solutions, but it will also allow you to buy brushes that are both vegan friendly and sustainable . The brushes unlike many mainstream brushes are not made using animal or human hair; instead So Eco uses bamboo brush handles from sustainable sources and recycled aluminium ferrules, while the bristles are made from Taklon and are of course cruelty free.

And it’s not just the brushes that will make your makeup game ‘glow up’ with an easy conscience; printed using planet friendly vegetable inks, the packaging uses biodegradable and compostable windows made from corn starch, for packaging that is guilt free. Which means more happy customers and an even happier environment. As someone who is not only cruelty free but is also trying to educate herself on sustainable solutions, So Eco has shown me that it is important to think about our impact on the environment as well as the habitats of animals.


Credit – Faded Spring – https://fadedspring.co.uk/cruelty-free/cruelty-free-budget-makeup-brands/