Discover Our Latest Eco Upgrade!

Introducing our range of luxury bath products from So Eco with an extra step for the environment in mind. We use a variety of materials in the bath products such as sisal, ramie, jute, bamboo fibres, cotton & organic cotton. Some also feature a soy-based foam and recycled polyester. With 6 main products to choose from, the range heavily focuses on becoming better as a brand to offer even more sustainable products than before, so you can be assured that taking care of yourself is paired with taking care of our beautiful planet too! Discover your favourite eco-friendly way to achieve ultra-smooth and replenished skin.

Our Packaging

As the face of responsible beauty, we take great measures in ensuring that our packaging is sustainable and facing the problem of excessive plastic packaging head on. The impact from plastics is huge, therefore, So Eco incorporates eco-focused principles that guarantee responsibly sourced product and packaging solutions. We can confidently say that all our components are 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. Our FSC certified packaging uses PLA-Corn-starch windows and Soy based inks. These are far better for the environment than traditional mineral-based inks, it is biodegradable and far easier to recycle compared to traditional inks. So Eco offers a unique emphasis on ensuring that all components are 100% responsibly and ethically sourced to aline with our promise of being a truly eco cosmetic brand. Even down to transit, where our packaging is a combination of corrugated board and PLA Corn Starch Bags.

Exfoliating Bath Sponges

With a 100% organic rope and featuring recycled polyester to help to exfoliate the skin naturally and gently, these bath sponges are at the top of our list! The bigger sponge features a double-sided material. One side is perfect for cleansing the body thoroughly with your favourite body wash and the other is great for deep exfoliation. Not only do these sponges help to remove the correct amount of skin, but they are effective enough to avoid over exfoliation, meaning no damage. The smaller sponge is ideal for areas such as the chest and underarms, whilst the larger is great for all over the body. Simply use the sponges to buff away at the skin to reveal smooth, rejuvenated results.

Lathering Soap Pouch

Get ready to lather up your favourite soap with the So Eco Lathering Soap Pouch. Help to extend the lifespan of your soap bars to avoid constant re-purchasing and wastage of packaging when using this handy little accessory. Lift your soap off the side to allow it to be kept in its top condition. Crafted with kind materials such as recycled polyester and organic cotton with a 100% cotton rope to allow you to hang in the shower to dry and be easily assessable for the next use.

Bath & Shower Back Scrubber 

Made using organic cotton, this ultra-stretchy back scrubber helps you to reach the forgotten places with ease.  This eco-friendly back scrubber deeply exfoliates and cleanses the skin without the use of any harsh chemicals, to ensure your whole body gets the same level of treatment. Featuring a handle either side, it’s an eco-friendly shower essential you never knew you needed.

Body Exfoliating Gloves

Gently massage and detox the skin with an easy-to-use method of eco-friendly exfoliating body gloves. Made with a mixture of organic cotton and recycled polyester, these textured gloves gently buff away dead skin cells to cleanse the skin of toxins and impurities to reveal a natural glow. These stretch gloves are best used with soap, body scrubs o seal salts to invigorate your skin safely.


Body Exfoliating Pads

These pack of 2 pads are textured to exfoliate your skin and ensure a silky- smooth finish. Simply use the softer side to cleanse the body and the textured side to buff in circular motions across the whole body to gently exfoliate and leave your skin feeling energised. Made using 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester, nylon and soy-based PU foam you can relax and unwind, knowing you’ve made the correct environmental choise.

Cleansing Face Mitts

The ultimate eco-friendly skincare accessory. These reusables So Eco Facial Mitts help to smooth away dirt and impurities, maximising the effects of your favourite facial cleanser. Crafted with eco-conscious materials, these mitts offer an effective way of wiping away any remaining makeup and thoroughly exfoliating for a radiant complexion.