Derma Rolling 101

If you’re looking for that summer glow in prep for June 21st – then we have the answer just for you – the Brushworks Micro Needle Derma Roller!

This Micro-Needle Derma Roller (£12.00) penetrates the upper layers of the skin for that youthful and vibrant glow! The stainless steel 0.5mm needles help to rejuvenate the skin by promoting skin cell regeneration and stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. 

There are many benefits to Derma Rolling such as:

  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Helps to reduce acne scarring
  • Increases skin thickness
  • Enhances product absorption
  • Stimulates collagen

How to use: 

  1. Always ensure your derma roller is clean/disinfected before use.
  2. Wash your face before rolling using a cleanser.
  3. Start on your forehead and roll 6-8 times in 3 directions (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) Try not to apply too much pressure when rolling.
  4. Lift the roller after each pass. Repeat the process on the chin and cheeks.
  5. Avoid the eye area.
  6. Spend no more than two minutes using the roller in one session.
  7. After rolling rinse your face with water.
  8. Clean your derma roller with soap and lukewarm water once finished.
  9. Repeat the process 1-3 times a week – if you’re new to this gradually increase to 3 times a week.

After rolling the skin may be slightly red and feel like sunburn however this is normal due to the blood circulation increasing! 

We would love to know if you’ve used our roller. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via Instagram DM (@brushworksuk). If you wanted to try out our roller you can visit our website (button below) or it is also available on Pretty Little Thing  & Beauty Bay.