Christmas Party Ready: Winter Makeup Guide From Soinvogue

Tis the season to be glamorous! The holidays are upon us, and that means it’s time to sparkle and shine at all the festive gatherings. Whether you’re attending a cosy family dinner or a glamorous New Year’s Eve party, Soinvogue has you covered with our exclusive Winter Makeup Guide. Get ready to dazzle with expert tips and product recommendations to achieve the perfect winter makeup look.

Pre-Party Prep:


Before diving into the holiday hustle, take a moment for yourself. Treat your body and mind to a relaxing shower, using your favourite festive-scented shower gel. Let the warm water rejuvenate you, setting the tone for a night of celebration.

Elevate your pre-Christmas party prep with the So Eco Exfoliating Body Gloves, the ultimate choice for achieving radiant skin during the festive season. These gloves offer a luxurious exfoliating experience, delicately buffing away dry skin and unclogging pores to reveal your skin’s natural glow. Ideal for body scrubbing, exfoliating, and cleansing, these gloves are a must-have in your beauty routine. Crafted from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, the result is a stretchy, thick, and textured material that effortlessly removes dry skin, leaving your skin supple and smooth. The gloves not only provide an effective exfoliation but also contribute to a sustainable beauty routine, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the season. Incorporate these So Eco Exfoliating Body Gloves into your holiday skincare regimen, and step into the festivities with skin that radiates health and vitality.

So Eco Exfoliating Body Gloves MS

Add a Bronzed Glow


Fake tanning is the “icing on the cake” for the festive season, adding a radiant bronzed glow that elevates your look and makes you shine a little brighter during the holiday celebrations.

Enhance your holiday glow and radiate warmth throughout the festive season with the Brushworks Tan Applicator Set. Adding a bronzed touch to your skin is the perfect way to achieve that sun-kissed, luminous look, even in the midst of winter. The set includes a back applicator, tanning mitt, and a facial tanning mitt, offering a comprehensive toolkit for a flawless tan application. The back applicator ensures even coverage in hard-to-reach areas, while the tanning mitts provide a smooth and streak-free application on larger body surfaces and delicate facial skin. With this kit, the process of achieving a sun-kissed glow becomes seamless and efficient. Embrace the transformative power of a bronzed radiance with the Brushworks Tan Applicator Set, and let your luminous complexion be the highlight of your holiday festivities.

Brushworks Tan Applicator Set MS ()

Shape Them Brows


Taking a moment to pluck and shape your eyebrows can work wonders, instantly giving your face a cleaner and more groomed appearance. Well-defined brows frame the face, accentuating your features and creating a polished look that enhances your overall beauty.

Elevate your beauty routine with the Brushworks HD 4 Piece Combination Tweezer Set in Gold— the best addition for those who prioritise precision and perfection. Meticulously crafted, these tweezers are designed with impeccable attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and versatility. This exceptional set comprises a versatile array, featuring a slanted tweezer, a straight tweezer, a slanted point tweezer, and a pointed tweezer. Whether you’re aiming for precisely shaped eyebrows, flawless hair removal, or the seamless application of falsies, this collection has you covered for every grooming need. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, each tweezer guarantees durability and long-lasting performance, making them a reliable choice for your collection. As the holiday season approaches, the Brushworks HD Tweezer Set becomes a must-have tool, contributing to well-groomed brows that leave you feeling impeccably put together and ready to shine at every festive occasion.

Brushworks HD Combination Tweezer Set Gold OOP ()

Polished Nails


Perfectly painted nails are the ultimate accessory, ensuring you step into the Christmas period with confidence and style. Treat yourself to a flawless manicure and let your nails be the finishing touch that completes your holiday-ready look!

Indulge in the seasonal allure of Nail HQ Colour Dahlia – a 10ml bottle of pure sophistication. This deep burgundy shade is tailor-made for the festive season, imparting a rich and captivating hue to your nails that perfectly complements the cosy vibes of this time of year. The deep burgundy nail lacquer not only allows you to showcase your personal style but also adds an intriguing touch to your overall aesthetic. The silky-smooth application of this lacquer, paired with its deep glossy high shine finish, ensures that your nails exude a flawlessly alluring look with every stroke. Nail HQ Colour Dahlia is the ideal choice for those who crave salon-worthy nails but find themselves pressed for time in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Elevate your nails effortlessly with this exquisite shade, embodying the spirit of a perfect and hassle-free manicure just in time for Christmas!

Nail HQ Nail Lacquer Dahlia OOP

Flawless Base: Winter Glow


Start your winter makeup journey with a flawless base that radiates warmth. Combat the dry winter air with a hydrating primer to create a smooth canvas. Opt for a dewy foundation to achieve that coveted winter glow – the secret to a luminous complexion that lasts all night.

Blend your foundation into the skin with the Brushworks Blending Drops – 2 Pack, the perfect accessory for achieving flawless, airbrushed skin. These blending drops redefine your makeup application, ensuring a smooth blend that transforms your face into a masterpiece. Compatible with all makeup formulas, these sponges expertly reach all the contours of your face, guaranteeing a seamless and even finish. The Brushworks Blending Drops make application a breeze, unveiling the secret to achieving perfect, airbrushed skin. The super-soft texture ensures a gentle touch, making them ideal for even the most sensitive skin. Elevate your makeup game, and trust that these blending drops will be the reliable secret to your flawless and radiant look every time.

Brushworks Blending Drops MS ()

Festive Eyes: Sparkle and Shine


Elevate your eye makeup this winter by embracing sparkle and shine! Introduce a touch of glamour to your gaze with a sparkly eye that adds an extra dose of drama. Whether it’s a shimmering eyeshadow, glitter liner, or metallic accents, incorporating sparkle into your eye makeup is the perfect way to draw attention and make a statement during the festive season. 

Unleash the drama with the Eye Candy Eye Shadow Palette – Smoke & Shadow. This palette is your secret weapon for creating a look that they won’t forget. Packed with an intense mix of metallic and matte shadows, the Smoke & Shadow Palette from Eye Candy allows you to craft the most glamorous smoky eye effortlessly. The creamy, soft, and buildable formulation ensures a seamless application, letting you layer and blend with ease for a customised finish. The rich pigments glide onto your lids, leaving a stunning and long-lasting result that’s perfect for those unforgettable moments during the winter festivities. Elevate your eye makeup game with this palette and let your eyes do the talking, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette Smoke & Shadow OOP ()

Lash Envy


No look is truly complete without the captivating finishing touch of lashes that add a touch of drama to your gaze. As the festive season approaches, make a statement and ensure that your eyes stand out in every crowd.

Indulge in the glamour of Invogue False Lashes – Best Life. These lashes redefine elegance with their soft, lightweight, and delicately layered design, seamlessly blending with your natural lashes. Best Life strikes the perfect harmony between lush volume and flattering length, making them an ideal choice for any occasion this season. From casual daytime elegance to the glitz of holiday celebrations, these lashes are your versatile go-to for complimenting and completing your makeup look. Elevate your lash game with the Best Life lashes, because every occasion deserves the allure of captivating eyes. So, as you step out this season, make a statement and ensure your eyes are the focal point of your radiant beauty. Don’t go anywhere without completing your look with a touch of lash drama!

Invogue Lash Best Life OE

Embrace The Festivities


From dazzling makeup tips to polished nails and self-care essentials, you’re prepared for the Christmas party of the year. With these foolproof tips and tricks, you’re ready to rock the festive scene with flair and confidence. Our ultimate guide is your companion, ensuring that you look and feel your best no matter the occasion. So, embrace the festivities, pamper yourself a little extra, shine like the star you are, and make this festive period all about being the most fabulous, confident, and radiant version of yourself!