Brow Top Tips from ABK Makeup

The Power of Brows!

Our girl @abkmakeup, celebrity MUA and hair stylist gives us the low down on her top tips for the perfect brow. Carry on reading to ensure you nail your brow game this season!  

NEVER underestimate the brow … they frame the face!n If you know how to do your brows you’re half way there to a great  makeup look. As an MUA my go to is the Brushworks Luxury Brow Kit to achieve the perfect look. 

Brushworks Luxury Brow Kit - How to Use:

- Step 1: Using the the brow comb, brush the eyebrow in an upward motion to expose any strays and loose hairs! - Step 2: I then take the slanted tweezers and pluck away any fluffy and stray hairs underneath the brow and ensure that my clients aren't rocking a monobrow! I then use the precision tweezers to ensure any short, thick hairs are removed, leaving me with a smooth area to work with. - Step 3: Following this, I then take the slanted brow brush to apply my powder or gel product to the brow, mimicking the natural direction of the hair in small short motions. - Step 4: Once the product is applied, be sure to go back in with the Brush Works brow brush to ensure there are no clumps or overuse of product, and to create a natural looking brow! Step 5: Finally, if you are wanting a more defined brow, I’d recommend taking a concealer that matches your natural skin tone, with the blending brush to outline the brow and create a more defined look. Alternatively, if you are wanting a more natural look, use the blending brush to blend the product to give a softer final look.

Here are Alice’s top tips for achieving the perfect brow: 

1. Don’t get pluck happy – make sure you follow your natural brow line to tidy, and create a small arch for extra definition. 

2. Less is more – don’t over use product – apply lightly it can always be layered. 

3. Always brush the brows before applying any product to ensure you haven’t got any twisted hairs 

 4. For a really natural brow, using a gel or a brow soap can be just enough to create a soft look for the day! 

 5. We all know how busy things can get, so to save time and take your day brow to an evening one, apply a powder to fill in those gaps and you’ll be ready for that night out!